About Us

Brockton is known as “The City of Champions”, in large part because the community was home town to World Class Boxer Rocky Marciano. Everywhere you go, on the signs at the city limits and across banners festooning the lampposts, the word “Champion” figures prominently.
In the heart of downtown is a classic century-old, stained-glass church building where the likes of Billy Sunday once preached. Today it houses Brockton Assembly of God (BAG), a growing and vibrant multi-cultural congregation. The BAG church family views the church facility as a spiritual gym of sorts; a place where ordinary people can become “Champions for Christ”.
Saint Paul frequently pictured himself as spiritual athlete. For example, he said that he was both like a runner straining for the finish line (Philippians 3:12-14) and a boxer engaged in rigorous training (1 Corinthians 9:26-27). However, Paul wasn’t competing against fellow believers. He was constantly striving to reach his own zenith, his personal best for God. He wanted to be all that he could be, not for a medal or a trophy, but for the glory of Jesus Christ.
Not everyone can be an award-winning sports hero. Few will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. However, virtually anyone and everyone can become a Champion for Christ! But be forewarned: It takes a lot. In fact, it will take all of you — body, mind, soul, and spirit.